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Massive Upgrade for $0 out of pocket and $500/mo

Helping busy families feel right at home.

fullsizerenderOur long-time clients, Joey and Lauren, are now enjoying the benefits of the climbing real estate market here in the Denver area. Four years ago we helped them purchase their first home. Since then, they’ve had a child and their salaries have increased slightly. This summer, we sent them an email with the new value of their home and how they might be able to upgrade, and they took us up on a free consultation.

After sitting down and discussing their reasons for moving (closer to family for babysitting, upgrading the house, etc.), we looked at the numbers… They would likely be able to sell so high, and purchase with such a low interest rate, that they could do a massive upgrade at a very affordable price.

Joey and Lauren sold their house in a weekend, found and secured their upgrade home the next week (way to go Alaina!), and we closed on both homes just after Christmas. They are ecstatic. And they made this entire transition with no money out of pocket and increased their monthly mortgage payment by $500.

This could be you. If you’d like a free consultation to discover your options for upgrading,  contact us.


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