The Colorado Probate Process in Plain English

Helping busy families feel right at home.

Are you getting your affairs in order? Confusion surrounding the probate process can exacerbate the feeling of being overwhelmed. Probate can be a complicated and draining process – especially when dealing with the loss of a loved one. In most states and in most cases, this means going through probate.

So, what exactly is probate?

Probate is the court proceeding that validates a will.

Wondering how to proceed? 

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start – there are so many questions to ask and tasks to be completed. Here are a few key points you may want to consider…

Should I hire an Attorney?

If the deceased only had a will, it is likely the estate will have to go through probate. If there was a trust set up, or if the estate is very small in value, you may be able to avoid probate all together. 

That said, unfortunately going through the probate process is still a reality for many families.  When you start the process, you will probably want the guidance of an experienced probate attorney to mitigate some of the confusion when settling an estate.

What should I do first?

One of the things that benefits every family going through probate is to have a proper plan and timeline in place.

First, take an inventory of all assets.  If you are the Personal Representative (PR) of a loved one’s estate, including a home that needs to go through the Colorado Probate Real Estate process, this can be extremely overwhelming.

Consider choosing a real estate advisor that has the resources to guide you through all or some of the tasks during your time as the PR. Many PRs do not live anywhere near the property, so having a specialist to help maintain and complete tasks quickly will help relieve the stress and anxiety that can be experienced.

Can’t I do it Myself?

Yes, you can. If you’re in Colorado, the silver lining is that probate has been streamlined and simplified as much as possible. Here are the basic steps.


Our experience, however, has shown that many families who start along the ‘do it yourself path’ soon discover they may need help with navigating some of the critical tasks…and this is where we may be able to help.

Our vetted team of professionals can take the weight off your shoulders, walk you through the process, and get the real estate sold quickly for the highest amount possible.  When you are ready, contact us to set up a free consultation – in person, or through a video conference.

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