Are The Holidays Are A Good Time To Sell Your House?

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From an Investment Advice website, not realtors.

It’s a myth that selling your house during the holidays is a bad idea. Are there fewer buyers than the spring? Sure. But many of those spring buyers are actually just lookers. Per this article by Investopedia, here are some reasons why selling during the holidays is a good idea.

  1. There’s less inventory. (That means less competition for you.)
  2. Buyers are serious. (Fewer wasteful showings to “lookers” for you.)
  3. You can make the home warm and cozy. (Buyers are emotionally driven and what better emotion than the joy of Christmas.)
  4. Timing is perfect for transfers. (Holiday listings can sell quickly due to job transfers into your area.)
  5. Your neighborhood may look more appealing. (See #3.)
  6. End-of-year tax breaks. (For the monetarily savvy buyers who probably care a little too much about the little things.)

As your local realtor friend, the additional comment I would make here is this… if selling your house near the holidays is the right timing for your life (for whatever reason), then just do it. Be careful not to put small market conditions over your personal or family’s needs. Go ahead, make the move, and enjoy Christmas in your new, desired home and location. Happy Holidays!