Housing Market Stats

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The housing market in the Denver and surrounding areas is gradually stabilizing. All the arrows continue to favor the sellers, but at least we’re seeing a cooling a bit, which is good news for the buyers. We still have an imbalance of supply and demand as our area continues to grow in popularity and population. Prices continue to rise, but not at the breakneck speeds of the past 5 years. Interest rates are still low, which is also good for buyers.

If you’d like to move up, now is the right time before supply catches up with demand.

If you’re a renter, I recommend buying while the interest rates are low. Don’t wait for 2020.

If you’ve been waiting in hopes of another bubble pop so you can get a steal, don’t hold your breath. While some national economists keep saying that’s coming in 2020, Denver’s indicators like jobs, salaries, building, population, etc. don’t show signs of that coming anytime soon.

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