Homeowner Tip: Create a Lawn Maintenance Schedule and System

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If you’re like me, yard work is just that — work. So let’s simplify it and remove the annual brain damage.

Step 1: Determine what needs to be done each spring. You might read a few articles like this one and this one. Or visit your local lawn and garden store to speak with a pro. Either way, take notes. Call me lame, but I like Home Depot or Lowe’s garden centers because I can use the app – you’ll see why in the next step.

Step 2: Create a calendar event that repeats annually on April 1. In the notes section, add all the information and action items you determined in Step 1 above. I’ve added links to order all my supplies in my notes so that each spring I can save myself a lot of work and simply reorder the same supplies. For my lawn, which is still thin and spotty in places, I lay down overseed, weed and feed, and ironite. Some years I’ll rake in Sheep & Peet instead of weed and feed. Aim to put this on before one of our famous spring snowstorms. When the snow melts off, the grass is beautifully green.

Step 3. Do the tasks and update the calendar event notes annually as you learn. By doing this you’ll have an iteratively better approach to your lawn maintenance every time spring rolls around.

Hint: Follow this process for all your home maintenance items and before you know it, you’ll never forget a thing. Items I have reminders like this for: changing the smoke detector batteries annually, changing the furnace filter monthly, cleaning out the P-traps under every sink annually, blowing out the sprinklers in October and turning them back on in the spring, overseeding my lawn in April and September, and many more. Once it’s in my calendar, I can forget about it and enjoy my home with less stress on my mind worrying that I might be forgetting about something.

Have suggestions? Leave a comment. I would LOVE to improve my home maintenance system.