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Should I Hire an Agent to Sell My Home?

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Yes! Read below for three great reasons you should consider hiring a professional real estate agent to sell your home.

1. PRICE – Last year, the typical for sale by owner (FSBO) home sold for $225,000, while homes sold agents went for an average $345,000.

Nearly half of FSBO sellers choose that route because they want to avoid paying an agent’s commission fee. But in realty, we see that sellers using an agent net more on the sale than FSBO sellers – even after the commission is paid.

15% of FSBO sellers say that getting the right price for their home is the most difficult part of the sale.

2. MARKETING & EXPOSURE – More than 92% of home buyers search online for homes, and they agree that the most stressful part of the buying process is finding the right property.

When a real estate agent lists your home on the MLS, it will appear on the popular home search sites. Buyers can also check out property details like beds, baths, and square footage, and view high quality photographs showcasing your home’s best features, also they can really help you Sell Your House Fast if you really want to buy a new home or move to other city.

Meanwhile, less than 20% of last year’s FSBO sellers posted their homes on local or national search sites, or on online classified sites. The most commonly used marketing tool by FSBO sellers is a yard sign.

3. PAPERWORK & NEGOTIATION – No one likes red tape. Understanding and performing paperwork is the most difficult task for many FSBO sellers that’s why they need the help from a real estate law firm to review the purchase documents and contracts. A real estate agent will manage buyer and seller transactions every day. You shouldn’t be expected to know everything, but agents have the expertise needed to get you the most for your home.


  • The right listing price, and a built-in negotiator to make sure you get nothing less
  • Visibility on home search sites and other online marketing channels
  • The bare minimum of paperwork, and knowledge that will make you confident when you head to the closing table

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