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Sold & Bought with GoodFit Homes

“Marty and his team cannot be more whole-heartedly recommended by us! We bought our beautiful home and sold our old home, all with the help of Marty and his superb team.
Marty is an energetic and very personable agent who knows what he is doing. He listened to our needs as buyers and was extremely accommodating with his time and effort to show us the homes that we felt could be “the one”. His team never missed a beat in answering our concerns through closing and engaging the sellers to allow for multiple walk-throughs and inspections.As sellers, Marty offered very pointed recommendations to help us get top dollar for our home. The sharp eye of his photographer and the patience that Marty showed in ensuring that our home was ready to sell were keys to getting us an offer within 12 hours of listing. Absolute WOW!

Oh, ‘the one’ for us came on Father’s Day, of all days! Thank you so much, Marty, for going above and beyond and spending your Father’s Day with us to ensure that our new home was ours. First to offer, and we never looked back.

We love your service and your commitment to us as your customers, buyers and sellers. We consider you a great friend and look forward to doing business with you again. We will recommend you and your team to everyone we know! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a bang-up job!” – Jeff & Lee H.

20553 E Euclid Drive

Beautiful Downtown Bungalow

“We confidently recommend Marty and GoodFit Homes to anyone looking to sell their home. Marty and his team worked hard for us and went above and beyond to help us in various ways. We sold our home from a distance and Marty and his team were very helpful and made things clear and easy to understand. This was our first home to sell and we were happy with how well the whole process went.” – Desmond & Rosemary S.


Review from Happy Sellers in Aurora

“We decided to put our house on the market because we were outgrowing the one we were in. We carefully weighed the options with Marty’s help and put it on the market at what we felt like was a reasonable but also aggressive price.  Once we made the decision, Marty and his team quickly went into action to get pictures and get it on the market quickly.  We put it on the market on a Friday, had an open house on Saturday and Sunday, had around 25 showings by Wednesday and had an offer within $4,000 of our asking price by Thursday.  We were thrilled.  Marty and his team always made sure the showings worked for us and stayed in constant contact throughout the process.

“Four months later, we ended up selling our house due to a job transfer.  Our time frame was extremely tight due to how quickly we had to move.  Once again, Marty got it on the market quickly.  Due to an incredible selling market, we actually put it on the market for several thousand more than what we bought it for.  Once again, we had over 20 showings within a week and had an offer within $4,000 of our asking price eight days after putting it on the market.

“We sold two houses with Marty and only had our houses on the market a combined two weeks and we were very happy with the selling prices.  Marty was quick, responsive and aggressive in marketing our home.  I highly recommend Marty and the GoodFit team if you’re looking to sell your home, but only if you want it to sell quickly and at a price you’ll be happy with!” – Matt & Michelle R. 

Needed to Buy & Sell Fast

“In March of 2013, my wife and I had the pleasure of using Marty Reiswig as a realtor for both the sale of our old house and purchase of our current house. Marty was a tremendous asset when selling our house. He gave us recommendations on what to touch up in our house, what to put in storage, and how to simply present our house to make it look more appealing to potential buyers. Marty helped us determine a competitive price to list our house, making sure that the asking price was comparable to similar houses but made sure we got what our house was really worth. Marty did an incredible job in marketing our house. Before we put our house on the market, Marty was working had to generate a buzz about our house. When showings started on our house we had had well over 50 showings – it was incredible. At the end of this process we had numerous offers to review with Marty. He helped us review the offers and helped us select the best offer that gave us the best potential to close without issues.

“During the same time period of Marty helping us sell our house, he was also helping us find a new house. Marty was extremely knowledgeable about the current market and helped us to be as aggressive as we needed to be to find a house. The main reason why think we’re in our current house is just the relationship and rapport that he struck up with the selling agent. He was able to sell us as strong buyers with a very reliable lender. Our offer on the house was one of many, but Marty helped craft our offer to help make it stand out from the others even though we were not cash buyers or an 80/20 mortgage. In the end we got our house and could not be happier.

“I would definitely recommend Marty to all of my friends, family, or anyone who is trying to buy or sell a house. Marty extremely dependable, extremely responsive, kept us informed of all development, and calmed our nerves since we were buying and selling a house at the same time. With Marty, I was felt like we were being taken care of and he had our best interests in mind.” – Brian & Becki C.

17367 E Tufts Ave

Buyers in Cherry Creek School District

“We were looking to buy a house with a little more room and still stay in the Cherry Creek School District.  Due to how quickly Marty sold the home we were in, we had to try to find something quickly.  My wife and I were very aggressive in our search and we needed someone to match our mentality.  Marty did.  As soon as something came on the market that was a possibility, Marty set up a showing ASAP.  We trusted Marty and he knew exactly what we were looking for.  We never felt like he tried to get us to buy something that wasn’t going to be a good fit.  We ended up finding the perfect house for us and we leaned on Marty to know what to offer.  Thanks to his negotiating skill and advice, we got the house at a great price and were able to get a quick closing, which we needed since we had to be out of our house so soon.

It was a hectic process, but Marty and the GoodFit team made everything happen exactly when we needed it.  Marty is smart, responsive and trustworthy.  I highly recommend him to help you find your new house.” – Matt & Michelle R.


Satisfied First-Time Home Buyers

“Marty gave us more than we could have ever asked for from a Realtor. He was always available to help make both the buying and selling process easy. He was honest and trust-worthy along the way, never giving us any reason to doubt his integrity. His knowledge in real estate helped us find a home that was not only within our price range but that also met our list of wants and needs. On the selling side, he worked hard to be sure we came out on top. Our goals in selling became his and he worked to be sure no compromises were made. Marty’s passion for helping people is evident in his work as a Realtor. Without hesitation we would use Marty again and we would confidently recommend him to be your Realtor.” – Kyle & Megan J.