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Rookie of the Year!

It’s Jaclyn here, folks, and I’ve just got to tell you how proud I am of my husband. This morning, he was surprised and honored to receive the Rookie of the Year award for Keller Williams DTC! Just so you know, this is the office that sells more real estate than any other office in the state of Colorado, so it’s kind of a big deal.
And since we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day this week, I’m going to list the factors that have contributed to his remarkable success (in no particular order):

* A lot of very hard work
* A natural knack for marketing and networking
* Irrepressible optimism
* Contract skills, negotiating skills, market knowledge skills…clients only want realtors with great skills
* Dashing good looks
* Irresistible, magnetic personality
* Boyish charm
* Overall attractiveness

Feel free to add your own.
Marty would be the first to say that he wouldn’t be here without the support and referrals of all of you: our friends, family, and clients. Thanks again for a fantastic first year!